2A1O Physical Edition Giveaway

Hi everyone! I’m doing a giveaway on Twitter for both the traditional and simplified versions of 2a1o in celebration of the simplified version being announced! This giveaway ends on September 30th at 12AM EST.

There will be two winners, one for each version! It’s also open internationally, though I can only cover up to $50 USD shipping. If you’d like to enter, go and check out my tweet~ You just need to reply to enter!

The traditional version by Pinsin Studio came out last year and it’s the one I’ve posted pictures of before! There are three volumes in total with cover art by Gearous. There are also two exclusive extras, To My Wen Zhimian and Nesting. It’s available on books.com.tw for international shipping. Here are links for book 1, book 2, and book 3.

The simplified version by Via Lactea is now open for preorders, and it comes with three books, postcards, stickers, a red packet, and a self-criticism (lol) as well as an exclusive extra! Here is the link to the set. Please note that these are preorders! The books are expected to ship in 2022. The English title is But He Became an Omega.

Preorders for the simplified version open on September 4th at 12PM Beijing Time. They will remain open until early November, and return for a normal ordering period after. Also, if you order within the first two hours you’ll get a special signature by the author Li Dong Ren, and if you order within the first 24 hours you’ll get a normal signature! Also, Via Lactea ships from Canada and accepts credit card payments 😀 However, please be aware that if you live outside of Canada shipping can be very expensive! I know that many people ship to a China address (since it’s free shipping) and then use a forwarding service to ship their books to their home for a cheaper price. For the giveaway, I can’t research proxies for you but if you win then I can work something out with you 🙂

Also, with that said, I’ve decided to lock my (future) translations of the extras in the physical copies and only provide the password for those who own the physical copy. However, I’ll send you the password for the translation for extras in both copies even if you’ve only bought one of them. If you’re interested in the exclusive extras but you’re not able to buy the physical editions, check out the giveaway! The 18+ content is technically exclusive, but it’s available online, so I’ll still accept JJWXC receipts for those chapters 🙂 and I’m starting school soon but I promise to have the next chapter up ASAP!

September Comment Bombs

hello hello, sorry about the delay! Here’s our support for the last month (including any that were left in early September)~ We have a total of 40 bombs for 2a1o and 62 bombs for BMPP!

By the way, 2a1o’s simplified print edition is up for preorder! You can buy it on Via Lactea’s site (they offer international shipping, and you can also use a proxy from China to get cheaper shipping). I’m also holding a giveaway here if you’re interested 🙂 I’m slowly working on both chapters of BMPP and 2a1o but I’ve just started school again, so please forgive me if it takes some time!

8/1/2021 Comment Bombs

sorry about the huge delay in posting comment bombs, it’s been a long week @_@ Here’s the comment bombs from the end of July! 7 bombs for BMPP and 1 bomb for 2A1O~

By the way, I will be moving to monthly comment bombs so I can screenshot bombs cleanly even if I have other purchases on my spending record!

7/1/2021 Comment Bombs

hiya I’m here with comment bombs! For now I’ll skip out on bmpp ’cause I’m on hiatus (I’m still counting comments though), but here’s what we sent for 2a1o this week~

A total of 6 bombs = 600 points this week! Let’s support the author together!